Build Your Own Arcade Controls

December 10, 2003
Here is a small update to let people know how easy it is to get ripped off. The cabinet was sold on Ebay at the end of July for $1800. The guy came and picked up the cabinet and paid with a money order...or so I thought. A month later, the bank calls and says it was a fake, and they take $1800 out of my bank account. So I do a little research (okay, a lot of research) and find out that apparently this guy had ripped off other people as well, so tracking him down was not hard. The Indianapolis police arrested him and charged him for numerous thefts. It has now been over a year and I still have seen no money. When the police went to confiscate the cabinet back in september of 02, it had already been sold again. If you happen to be the current owner of this machine, please drop me an email. I'd like to know how its doing :)

June 22, 2002
Finally getting around to updating this page.   Also making some minor grammatical corrections.   The plan is to sell this machine by the end of the summer, so if you are interested, send an e-mail. Current Ebay Listing

September 25, 2001
This page will detail the construction of our second arcade machine which currently remains nameless.  You may notice references to our previous machine, but this page is devoted to the new machine.

The project spanned about 4 weeks working mostly on the weekends and occasionally at night.

It was constructed and funded by 3 students from the Ohio State University, all of us being engineering majors.  We primarily used our front porch and small yard as a work area.

Hopefully this page will help anyone who is thinking about constructing one of these bad boys.  Contrary to what you may think, this thing is a chick magnet.  We have sorority girls, football players and other students over here all the time playing games and commenting on how great it is.

I strongly recommend you research and participate on the message board if you are seriously thinking about undertaking a similar project.  Look at as many examples as possible.  If you rush to finish something, you'll always wish you did it a different way later on (I found this out after finishing our first machine).

Questions can be directed to myself.